Exhibitions and CV

Born 1983, UK.

Exhibitions and Events:

2014 - OF THIS EARTH (Curated by D. A. Smith) 1st - 22nd November - The Yarrow Gallery, Oundle

2014 - London Affordable Art Fair - 12th - 15th June - Hampstead, Lower Fairground Site, NW3 1TH

2014 - London Affordable Art Fair - 13th - 16th March - Battersea Evolution, London, SW11 4NJ

2013 - PULSE Miami (Art Catlin exhibit) - 5th - 8th Dec - The Ice Palace, 1400 North Miami Ave. USA.

2012 - The Alumni Show - 10th Dec - 22nd Feb 2013 - University of Derby, Markeaton St, Derby, DE22 3AW

2012 - Collective Exhibition - 6th Jan - 19th Feb - Rasson Art Gallery, 13 Rue de Rasse, Tournai, Belgium.

2012 - XAMPLES - 1st - 4th Feb - The Triangle Gallery, Chelsea School of Art & Design, London, SW1P 4JU

2011 - Salon Art Prize 2011 - 7th - 29th October - Matt Roberts Arts, 25 Vyner St, London, E2 9DG.

2011 - Rasson Art Gallery - Summer Salon - 4th - 28th August - Rasson Art Gallery, 13 Rue de Rasse, Tournai, Belgium.

2011 - GOLDEN PE△KS Showcase #001 - 4th August - Whitespace Gallery, Mowlem St, London.

2011 - Not Quite a Baker's Dozen - 6th June - 7th July - The Atrium Gallery, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London.

2011 - The Catlin Prize - 18th-22nd May - The Tramshed, 32 Rivington Street, London
EC2A 3LX http://www.artcatlin.com/

2011 - Hybridity and Mutation - 29th March-17th April - 4 Wilkes St. London, E1 6QF. http://tinyurl.com/22m95wr

2011 - Devour - Affordable Art Fair - 10th-13th March - Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ. www.affordableartfair.com/london/home/

2010 - Changing Landscapes (BFAMI and Christies Auctioneers) - 22nd November - The Royal Horticultural Halls, London, SW1P 2PE.

2010 - Homeward (Solo Exhibition) - 6th-27th November - The Yarrow Gallery, Oundle.

2010 - Eat Your Heart Out (http://evilcakes.wordpress.com/) - 28th-31st October - 188 Shoreditch Highstreet, London.

2010 - Wild, Wicked and Wanton - 24th Sept - Lewisham Art House, Deptford, London.

2010 - Fairyland - 4th-19th Sept - Five Years Gallery, Regent Studios, London, E8 4QN. Private view Friday 3rd September 6-9pm 

2010 - I am Solitary I am an Army - Beers.Lambert Contemporary, Surface Gallery, Nottingham.

2010 - The Mad Artists Tea Party (Sponsored by Tate and Lyle) - 27th-30th August. The Future Gallery, London, WC2H 7HY. 'Private Eat - Charity Auction' 26th August.

2010 -Into the Wilde - 3rd June-September - The Trafalgar Hotel, Trafalgar Square, London, SW1A 2TS.

2010 - 100% gold standard WHEY - 23 Charlotte Rd, London, EC2A 3PB. Private View 19th May, 6-10pm.

2010 - The Catlin Prize - 14th-23rd May - Village Underground, Shoreditch London, EC2A 3PQ

2010 - Askew in the Garden of Desire - 25th March - The Castle, 44 Commercial Road, London.

2010 - murmurART: An Introduction - 15th Feb-15th March - 20 Hoxton Square, London.

2009 - Magic Carpet - The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London.

2009 - Reaction - Camden Pop Up Gallery - 73 Parkway, Camden.

2009 - Askew-Do-Voodoo (Group Show/Event) - The Stag's Head, Dalston, London.

2009 - Chelsea will show You a Brighter Future: MA Degree Show - Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

2009 - Rum, Sodomy and the Lash (An ASKEW show) - The Dolphin Inn, 165 Mare Street, Hackney, London.

2009 - Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women (Group Show) - The Bear, 296a Camberwell New Road, London.

2009 - ASKEW (Group Show) - Fortescue Avenue, Hackney, E8, London.

2009 - MA Interim Show - Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

2009 - Condensation 2009 (Group Show) - Bodhi Gallery, Brick Lane, London.

2009 - XHIBIT 09 (Group Show) - The Arts Gallery, 65 Davies Street, London.

2008 - Distorted Space-Disorientation (Group Show) - Waterloo Gallery, London

2008 - Mind The Gap (Group Show) - Gallery209, Tampa FL, U.S.A

2008 - Cock A Snook presents:A Goddamn Good Time Exhibition (Group Show) - 14 Bacon St. London.

2008 - Chelsea Motel - Postgraduate Diploma Fine Art Show - Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

2008 - 13 (Group Show) – The Union Tavern, London.

2008 - The Lookoutpost Project (Group Project) - (www.lookoutpost.co.uk)

2008 - The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Group show) - Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

2008 - Wicked Fictions (Solo Show) - Stamford Arts Centre

2007 - Interventions (Solo Show) - Derby Museum and Art Gallery

2007 - Ether - Make and Meet (Residency) - LCB Depot and DOT Studios, Leicester

2006 - Wirksworth Arts Festival (Group Show) - The Parish Rooms, Wirksworth

2006 - Ashby de la Zouch Arts Festival (Group Show) - The Highways Building, Ashby de la Zouch

2006 - Fine Art Degree Show - University of Derby



2010 - Catlin Prize 2010 Finalist

2008 - The Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship

2006 -  University of Derby. Faculty of Art, Design and Technology Prize for High engagement with Degree Course

2003 - The Isle College Award for All Courses and Disciplines

2003 - The Arthur Mellows Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art


Collections and Commissions:

- University of the Arts London Collection

- Lucy Morris, Private Collection

- Leigh Message, Private Collection

- Patrick Lynch, Private Collection

- Robert Devereux, Private Collection

- Cathy Wills, Private Collection

- Hugo Brown, Private Collection

- Warfield, Private Collection

- Justin Hammond, Private Collection

- Le Grand, Private Collection

- L. Hunt, Private Collection 

Press and Publications

July 2012 - ARTZIP Magazine (UK/China) - Unnatural Section: David A. Smith Interview

December 2011 - Public Art and Ecology Magazine (China) - Repurposing with a Passion

May 21st 2011 -CakeHeadLovesEvil.wordpress.com - David A. Smith at Catlin

May 2011 - IDOL Magazine - Go-Getters: David A. Smith

March 20th 2011 - Juxtapoz - An Interview with the UK's David A. Smith

November 6th 2010 - Oundle School News - New Sculpture Exhibition at Yarrow

July 1st 2010 - Who's Jack Magazine - Top Five Light Artists

June 27th - Little London Observationist - London Art Spot: David A. Smith

Summer 2010 Issue - Glass Magazine: Rapture - Artists to Invest in Now

May 24th 2010. Jotta.com - Into the Wilde: David A. Smith

April 26th 2010. Art Review - Catlin Prize 2010.

February 18th 2010. Pimlico People - Former student listed for Catlin Art Prize.

February 8th 2010. Arts London News - Three UAL Graduates in National Art Final.

January 29th 2010. UAL Chelsea Snapshot - Catlin Art Prize.

January 16th 2010. Artdaily.org - The Artists of 2010.

January 13th 2010. Spoonfed.co.uk - There's Hope for the Nation's Art Students.

January 12th 2010. The Independent - Celebrating Future Art Stars.

January 2010. The Catlin Guide 2010: New Artists in the UK 

January 2010. Elle Magazine - Newsflash! The Catlin Guide.

October 5th 2009. MurmurArt.com - Catriona Warren's Top Ten Graduates of 2009.

May 28th 2009. Jotta.com - Ones to Watch - Interview with David A. Smith.

April 6th 2008. The Peterborough Evening Telegraph – Interview with David A Smith

March 1st 2008. The Guardian Guide - Review of Wicked Fictions Exhibition by Robert Clark

June 12th 2007. The Derby Evening Telegraph – Coverage of David A Smith: Interventions

June 18th 2007. BBC Radio Derby – Shane O’Connor Interviewing David A Smith about Interventions Exhibition

June 9th 2007. The Guardian Guide – Review of David A Smith: Interventions by Robert Clark


Reviews in detail and Testimonials:

David A Smith. Derby Museum And Art Gallery, Sat 9 June to Aug 19 2007.

The young and highly promising artist David Smith infiltrates the permanent museum collection with a typically mischievous eye for thematic intrigues. Smith's assemblages of found object fragments and meticulously crafted sculptural mysteries seem as if left over from some impenetrable exploration of a personal obsession. There are few artists of his age who can match Smith's exquisite compositional tensions, and his carefully orchestrated collages of grim facts and quite wicked fictions.
Robert Clark. The Guardian, Saturday June 9 2007

David A Smith. Stamford Arts Centre, Mon 3 to Mar 28 2008.

David A Smith conjures outlandish sculptural scenarios from the most banal materials. Inanimate objects assume a pose as if ready to unfurl like sprung automata the moment one averts one's attention. An air of playful innocence is undermined by hints of personal unease and some undefined brand of perversity. It's a measure of Smith's compositional sophistication that this doesn't end up like the usual wacky run of worn-out surrealism. His meticulously crafted intrigues make one almost lose one's trust in the assumption that the legs of a nearby chair aren't going to start furtively running about the room.
Robert Clark. The Guardian, Saturday March 1 2008.

Condensation 2009. Bodhi Gallery. 4th April 2009.

The following is taken from a review of the Condensation 2009 exhibition posted on the murmurART website.

I was immediately struck by Robson Cezar’s The Wind Fighter, placed upon a column like a giant propeller-armed Oscar. Then David A Smith’s Weak, which was more fragile. A miniature wrecked car trapped in a marsh on a block of road that went far below the surface to show the layers beneath. It looked like a children’s toy, a geography model of rock formation – these junior school echoes making the ruin of the car all the more arresting.

AWH. MurmurART, April 4th 2009.

Catriona Warren's Top Ten Graduates of 2009.

Former Editor of Art Review and author of their acclaimed supplements of the best students graduating every year, Catriona Warren has for the last couple of years been assisting in the curation of the annual Anticipation art shows.

Following on from last year, Catriona has once again been tracking the progress of several students throughout the year, and been around all the end of year shows this summer to present her personal selection of the 10 best artists graduating from colleges this year.

"One artist stood out at the Chelsea MA show, the sculptor David A. Smith. I especially liked Warlord, an elaborately carved wooden architectural bracket with a blue neon halo above, and Reckoning, a grappling hook flocked in purple velvet which transformed the hard, cold surface into something sensuous and inviting to the touch - so inviting in fact that people actually did reach out to touch it. (His work seemed to invite audience participation with viewers having photographs of themselves taken standing below the halo, which was placed just above head height)."

Catriona Warren. MurmurART, www.murmurart.com/exhibition/catrionas-top-graduates-2009

Justin Hammond - Author, Collector and Curator of The Catlin Guide

"When compiling the 2010 edition of The Catlin Guide (a profile of the forty most promising new graduates in the UK) there was never any doubt over David's credentials. His name permanently hovered at the top of the shortlist. Since leaving college to become a full-time artist, David's output has further justified my initial belief and I've finally had the chance to commission his work for my own collection. Undeniably an artist to watch out for." 



Monday 28th February 2011, The University of Derby, Faculty of Art and Design.

Tuesday 23rd September 2008, The College of West Anglia, Isle Campus. 

Monday 21st April 2008, University of Derby, School of Art and Design.


Education and Qualifications:

2009: MA Fine Art

Chelsea College of Art and design, London.

2008: Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art - Pass

Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.


2003 - 2006: Fine Art BA (with Honours) Degree - First Class

University of Derby.


2002 - 2003: BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design - Distinction

Isle College, Wisbech.